Welcome to First Baptist Church, a growing, International Christian Community in the heart of Calgary, Alberta.  Our website is designed with two purposes in mind.  First, if you are new and “checking us out” the Visitor pages will help you understand who we are, what we do and why we exist.  Our prayer is that, armed with this information, you will come downtown and see for yourself what God is doing amongst us.  Second, if you have already made FBC your Faith Community, the other pages will communicate all you need to know to stay connected in our life together.  So, take some time, navigate through the site, and use the information you find to deepen your spiritual journey of following Jesus.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

W/files/Images/About Us page/war_2.jpge are a loving, accepting community of evangelical Christians.  We seek to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and attempt to follow His will in our lives.  We love to share the blessings of God with others, as He gives us opportunity.  We believe that God has placed us in the heart of a great city and since our start in 1888, we have attempted to be a vibrant part of this city.  We are a diverse family, enriched by people who come from many different backgrounds, cultures and age groups.  Our activities are intended to meet the needs of both young and young at heart wherever they may live.

We are available to you for prayer, for counselling, or for any other service we might provide in Christ's name and for His glory.


Our Sanctuary

First Baptist Church, Calgary, first opened its doors in 1888 - p/files/Images/About Us page/war_27.jpgart of Alberta's rich heritage!  Music and the arts have always played a key role in defining the character and vitality of the worshipping community at First Baptist Church.  The amber-toned stained glass windows imported from Germany, were part of the original construction of the sanctuary.  A three-manual, 42-stop pipe organ was built and installed by the Casavant Freres Company of St. Hyacynthe, Quebec in 1912 and underwent further enhancements in 1965 and 1992.  Currently the 900-seat acoustically rich heritage sanctuary supports an adult sanctuary choir, two handbell choirs, a children's choir and a contemporary worship team.